Packaging Microsoft Surface App for Deployment

After months of development I finally got around to packaging up my app for deployment in user mode on the Surface.  I did run into a couple of minor hurdles at first which I will share with you, and tell you how I got around them.  First of all, check out the documentation on the Microsoft Surface community site and the SDK.  In your root app directory you will see a file like myapp.xml which is generated by visual studio for you.

The following code example shows the default XML file.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>

Notice in the <ExecutableFile> element, how it has “SurfaceApplication.exe” as the value?
It should really look like this:

%ProgramFiles%\Microsoft Surface\SurfaceApplication\SurfaceApplication.exe
The urls in your other elements like the previewIcon should follow the same format. Hopefully, this helps some people out.


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