Combining Byte Tags to Get Beyond the 256 Limit

I was working with identity tags and byte tags today, and the obvious short-comings of both became apparent to me.  The identity tags have an enormous number of unique values possible, but there is no tool to create them right now.  The byte tags can be created and printed now quite easily, however there is only 256 different possibilities when using a single byte tag.  So I threw together a way to add multiple byte tags onto a single object to create far more possible values.  4 byte tags together will give about 4 billion unique values.  One thing to remember is that you can’t be sure which byte tag the surface will recognize first, so you need to employ permutations of byte tags here, not combinations.  For example, “0D” and “DD” is the same as “DD” and “0D”.  Anyhow, I just came up with the concept and threw something together, so there are many ways to improve this sample I’m sure.  Download the sample then rename the .doc extension to .zip before unzipping the files.  If you improve upon this please send me a copy if you can and I will share it with everyone, giving credit where it is due as well.



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